Jan Bikkembergs



I’m Jan. Proud dad of Luise and husband of Vicky.
I love to realise projects, moments and dreams.


But a great idea can only be executed perfectly if you co-create. Over 30 years I play at the Anchorman position in football, which means I’m at my best in the area between the strikers and the defenders. My task is to anticipate, intercept and distribute passes out, to be able to score as a team.

In my professional life I act the same way: I love to deliver great work and therefore I invest in having a great team spirit by making our common goal very clear. I'm at my best as an anchormen, helping people to grow and businesses to achieve their goals. I love to let others flourish in their strengths by servicing companies as a connector, an organizer, an operational lead or a project manager. I offer you straight forward advice, direct, honest, but wholehearted.

As an anchorman, I’m result driven. But the most important factor to make anything a success is the sparkle and the common ground. I truly believe that this is crucial to be able to install a trustworthy relationship, and to achieve the best results, together.